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Our team at Cumberland Physical Therapy & Rehab is committed to providing the highest quality therapy and rehabilitation. Each individualized physical therapy program is carefully designed to meet the personalized goals of each patient and their physician. Our goal is to restore your function and help you feel good again. Below is a list of services we provide as well as modalities and procedures we use to treat common injuries and conditions.

Physical therapy treatment Services

  • Comprehensive Neck and Back Rehabilitation
  • General Orthopedic Rehabilitation (Shoulder, Hand & Elbow, Hip, Knee, Foot & Ankle)
  • Post Operative Therapy
  • Post Fracture and Injury Therapy
  • Arthritis Care and Joint Protection
  • Athletic and Sports-Related Injuries
  • Patient Education
  • VertiMax Sports Training System
  • Cumberland Center for Fall Prevention
    Balance Training, Fall Prevention and Vestibular Rehabilitation
    Computerized FallTrak Balance Assessment Tool
    Video Frenzel Goggles
  • Lower NCV/EMG Nerve Conduction Testing

Physical Therapy Exercises Modalities

  • Ultrasound
  • Electrical Stimulation
  • TENS unit
  • Iontophoresis
  • Traction
  • Moist Heat Packs
  • Ice Packs and Ice Massage


  • Integrative " Dry Needling "
  • Manual Therapy, Massage
  • Joint Mobilization
  • Muscle Energy Techniques
  • Myofascial Release
  • Therapeutic Exercise
  • Anodyne Therapy

All of our services include patient education, to help you better understand your injury and your treatment plan.

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