The Importance of Rehabilitation

In a nutshell, rehabilitation encompasses various interventions required when an individual is likely to have or is experiencing limitations in daily functioning because of a health condition or natural aging, including traumas, injuries, or chronic illnesses. These limitations usually include difficulties in moving, thinking, hearing, seeing, and communicating that, in turn, negatively impacts their quality of life.

Here at Cumberland Physical Therapy and Rehab, Lori Chin PT, MS and her team in our Somerset, KY, office offer rehabilitation programs that allow people of all ages to return to or maintain their daily activities and optimize their wellbeing.

Understanding What Rehabilitation is All About

Rehabilitation is centered on an individual’s particular needs and is typically delivered via specialized programs. But it can also be used alongside other health treatments and programs. Some rehabilitation examples include the following:

  • Interventions like home modifications and balance training for improving an individual’s independence and safety at home and minimizing the risk of trips, falls, or slips.
  • Exercises for regaining common activities like swallowing or retraining the limbs to restore coordination, movement, and dexterity of a stroke patient.
  • Techniques for addressing developmental outcomes of individuals with disabilities, like those with cerebral palsy, or for giving training in self-care and sensory integration to improve participation in play, education, family, and social activities.
  • Interventions for optimizing surgical outcomes following fractures, including using assistive devices, safe exercises, and education regarding safe movements to prevent reinjury.

These are just general examples of common rehabilitation programs. Consult your doctor in Somerset, KY, for specific rehabilitation interventions that will suit your specific requirements.

How Rehabilitation Can Benefit You

Rehabilitation could minimize the impact of various health conditions such as chronic and acute disorders or diseases, trauma, or injuries. It’s a highly specialized type of healthcare that effectively complements other health services like surgical and medical treatments to help achieve the best health outcomes possible for an individual.

For instance, rehabilitation could aid in preventing complications related to various health problems like fractures, stroke, or spinal cord injuries. Likewise, it could help slow down or reduce the disabling impacts of chronic illnesses like diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular disease by arming individuals with assistive devices and self-management techniques, or alleviating pain, among other symptoms.

In addition, rehabilitation helps avoid costly medical bills and reduce hospital stays. Most importantly, rehabilitation likewise allows people to go to school, get or hold a job, stay independently at home, and/or reduce the need for a caregiver or financial support.

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