Why Rehabilitation Is Important

Injury and illness can cause lasting effects that affect your long-term health and well-being. This is where rehabilitation comes into the picture – rehab can help you recover your strength and energy to return you to 100% or an improved range of motion. At Cumberland Physical Therapy and Rehab in Somerset, KY, you are our focus, and we are here to help you meet and exceed your goals. Our compassionate and skilled therapists manage a healing environment and communicate with your doctor to ensure they stay up to date on your treatment journey.

What Is Rehabilitation?

Rehabilitation and physical therapy help you recover after an injury or illness. Physical medicine is part of a segment of medicine called physiatry. Rehab helps you complete activities of daily living, practical actions that you use as part of everyday activities. Examples of conditions where you may require rehab include shoulder, hip, or knee surgery or stroke recovery. After the procedure, your physical therapist will work with you to restore the range of motion in the affected area and help you be independent.

Rehab may include occupational therapy, as well. Occupational therapy is focused on the skills you need for work and daily life. This may consist of adaptive equipment as needed. Your therapist may help you identify fall hazards at home to help avoid potential future falls. Our Somerset, KY, therapists are invested in helping you meet your goals.

What Should I Expect From Rehabilitation?

You should expect to set goals with your doctor and therapist and then work towards those goals with your therapist. You’ll work together to create a specialized rehab plan to address your healthcare needs. Your rehab treatment plan will include exercises of different types to restore physical function. You will complete various activities and repetitions to build strength and restore your range of motion. Likely, you’ll have instructions to complete these exercises a few times a day – repetition is the key to healing.

Recovery is a journey, and it is essential to take care of yourself. Here at Cumberland Physical Therapy and Rehab in Somerset, KY, we are on that journey with you. If you need guidance on your rehab journey, contact us at (606) 679-2773 to schedule an appointment. Use any of our ten convenient locations to make your care as smooth as possible.

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