If you are currently dealing with an illness, disease, or injury that impacts your musculoskeletal system then chances are good that physical therapy and rehab have been recommended. Here at Cumberland Physical Therapy and Rehab, we provide rehabilitation to patients dealing with a wide range of conditions to help restore full function, strength, and mobility of the body to reduce symptoms and improve quality of life.

What is rehabilitation?

Millions of Americans deal with workplace and other life-altering injuries that can make it difficult to stand, walk, lift, or bend over. When this happens, physical rehabilitation can help to restore the function and strength of the body so that everyday tasks are easier. Our goal here at Cumberland Physical Therapy and Rehab is to make it possible for people to regain their strength so they can maintain their independence.

Many people can benefit from physical rehabilitation. Naturally, these people include those with physical injuries and conditions that impact their mobility and daily routine. Physical rehabilitation can be beneficial for injured athletes who need to re-train and strengthen their muscles to get back in the game. Rehabilitation can also be beneficial for patients dealing with stroke and other conditions that impact their ability to perform everyday tasks, as they can relearn some of these activities and movements through rehabilitation.

What should I expect from physical rehabilitation?

Everyone has different needs and goals when they come into our office. Your physical therapist will sit down with you to create a specific rehabilitation plan that is based on your individual health care needs and concerns to promote a faster and more efficient recovery process. Rehabilitation often includes occupational therapy and physical therapy, and sports rehabilitation for athletes, which helps to boost strength, improve mobility, and help patients resume their normal activities.

From rotator cuff tears to hip replacements and spinal fractures, we have worked with patients with a wide range of injuries and conditions over the nearly three decades that we’ve been providing orthopedic rehabilitation to the Somerset, KY, area.

If you think you could benefit from rehabilitation and want to take the next steps, call Cumberland Physical Therapy and Rehab today at (606) 679-2773 to schedule an appointment.

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